Second Chance, Is It Worth It?

I know there are countless sayings out there about giving people or things a second chance but does that also apply to relationships? 

I mean do people actually change that we feel we should give them a second shot? It wasn't only till a friend of mine found herself in this dilemma that I realised that I don't believe in second chances when it comes to relationships. I did try to give it a shot once with an ex boyfriend that I was mad about at the time. But I realised nothing was the same. No matter how I tried to tell myself that this time it would be different, somehow it just wasn't. 

Of course the excitement and expectations wouldn't be there. If he cheated I'll always flinch at very text he received. If she said she loved someone else, you would always eye every guy around her wondering who she's going to leave you for next. So no, for me personally I don't believe in second time rounds in relationships. After all it ended in the first place for a valid reason 



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