Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I think he knows.
I think he wants me to punch him. I'm so mad
I'm furious
I'm blinded with rage
My fists are soo hardened with the temptation to knock him out,
My knuckles feel like they are going to tear through the skin
I'm angry
But I don't want to give into the rage
As much as I would love to rearrange his beautiful facial features
There's an ongoing battle within me to retain composure

Breathe, Just breathe, I calmly tell myself
He hurt me, He pissed me off and broke my trust
But I'm not going to take my anger out on him
No, I'm going to smile at him
And let the guilt eat him from the inside out
Let the voices in his head confuse him on my reaction
I'm going to be sweet and pleasant
I'm not going to give into my primal nature
That wants to scratch his eyeballs out

1,2,3,4.... I'm slowly counting in my head
Gotta reach to ten before I open my mouth to respond
No vile words,
No violent action
A lady never loses composure
In, Out
It would soon be over
Fuck you! the words are out of my mouth before I realise it
Oh well atleast I tried...

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