Lie to me, Baby

I'm having more lies being told to me than the truth.
Some of them even to my face. I'm sorry what the hell do I look like to you? A porcelain doll? An egg or even a snow flake? Do I look that fragile to you that you feel the impulse need to open your mouth and lie to my face? You think I can't handle the truth?

I'm irritated. Honestly I just can't. I can take anything but dishonesty. I am not interested in your beautiful lies so why don't you save me some?

Here's an idea, take your lies and shove it up that beautiful place God created to dispose off faeces. And if you think that's pretty harsh wait till the next time you lie to my face, I'll be disfiguring yours. KMFT.

This rant is over. Over and Out!


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