Wednesday, 26 March 2014

May This Be Love

It was a beautiful wedding away from the city. Set in the palace in Somerset, it couldn't have been more beautiful. And the weather seemed to agree with their union as the sun was out to bless their wedding. 

The bride marched into an orchestra rendition of 'A thousand years' by Christina Perri. And unlike typical Nigerian weddings, the ceremony lasted no more than 30 minutes. Their vows had a few people in tears especially the bride. Occasional laughs here and there and a congregational 'awwww' most of the time. 

After the pictures came the reception. A little cocktail was set in a room for guests to indulge in while families and well wishers took pictures outside. The reception hall was a beautiful sight lighted by only candles burning in water. A pink fluorescent mood and flower petals on each table. There were chandeliers hanging from the roof top. The couples first dance was to 'May this be love' by Christine Ben-Ameh, a BCA alumni where we all went to high school. A good choice for a first dance I must say. And then came the partying all night long. 

I wish both of them many more years filled with love, patience, blessings and growth. And now I would let the pictures speak for themselves. Ps I didn't take much pictures once the dancing started, cause I went to get my groove on. A room was dedicated to desserts only, my sister who is a sweet tooth almost went crazy when she walked in the room. It was heaven for her lol


  1. Simple, beautiful, elegant and an excellent celebration. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Good job Bondi! Love this!! Patricia

  3. Congrats Ina! This is pretty. Nice one bondi! Cheryl.