Some things never seem to work

I met a boy once and he would always say "one day you will write about me" and I would always laugh in reply. I never thought that 'one day' would be this soon and I'm laughing still. Not cause I find it funny but cause it's a bitter laugh. 

I can barely say I know him cause he's a stranger now. He was a stranger when we met and he's a stranger now. The chemistry between us went from a boom to a bust. We went from talking all the time to barely talking. And the more the silence filled the space between us, the more evident it became that I was an option and not a priority. 

I would occasionally find myself wondering what the hell I was doing, letting someone treat me as an option when I knew damn well what I was worth. So I did it. I decided to strap on my metaphorical heels and walk the hell out. Do I look back in regret? Hell no, some people are only there in your life to teach you a lesson and once they've played their role, the curtain closes on them. So I'm happy I met him. We would have been good friends but I don't believe in woulda, coulda,shoulda. 

Some things never seen to fxcking work. Thanks Solange for summing that up for me ✌️


  1. I read this post a while ago while I was going through something similar. Just thought I'd come back to say I finally ended up getting the strength to put on my own heels and walk out. Now that I can see clearly I'm so glad I cut him out of my life, definitely one of the best decisions I've made so far. Love your blog! Cheers, Maryam. :)


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