Vogue Festival

To end my perfect two week holiday I attended the Vogue Festival which is in its third run. I missed the second but the first was really lovely. It seems to be getting better with each passing year. Harrods
hosted this year's and they did a wonderful job. The line up was amazing from models like Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn to fashion designers like Valentino Garavani, Tory Burch to musicians like Lily Allen to fashion editors and directors and so much more. See the full line up here.

I went for two of the talks; My fashion life with Tory Burch, Margiela Missoni and Manolo Blahnik and Valentino: King of Glamour. I loved loved it, there was laughter, food, fashion and fabulousity (don't judge my diction). Perhaps my most favourite (and probably everyone's) activity was the Harrods Live Runway where everyone got to live out their supermodel fantasies and we got pictures at the end which we could share on instagram. I mean what's a good moment if it doesn't go on instagram these days?

There was the Vogue Cover shoot, the trademark activity and probably every fashion loving person's dream, a burberry makeover, manicure by an OPI team, vogue shop, a make up surgery, sweet treats and so much more. It was events packed, not a dull moment and really worth your time and money. I had a wonderful time and took as many pictures as I could.

I loved my Valentino talk especially. He's been here for 45 years, that's no joke. No one does dresses like Valentino and the Valentino Red was inspired by an opera he visited at an early age where red was a dominant colour. He terms it a lucky colour but goes on to add that his is a different shade with a bit of orange in it.
When asked what he would have done with his life if he hadn't chosen fashion, he paused for a while, turned to the crown and says 'Fashion', causing the audience to laugh. Oh and Valentino doesn't pack light for a vacation, he couldn't even if he tried. So dear family and friends stop giving me grief over how I pack.
"If I wasn't a great mum I wouldn't be a great CEO" -Tory Burch
"You can have it all but that depends on how you define all"- Tory Burch (for her it's having happy children and loving what she does). What is 'all' for you? 
"You have to do fashion when you're young and passionate and have the strength to fight"- Angela Missoni on when she had to take over from her mother
Manolo Blahnik is a one man team kind of person "I'm surprised that people have teams, that's crazy" he even tries the shoes on himself. Haha
"A woman must decide whether she wants to look ok or whether she wants to look too much" Valentino Garavani. He's not a fan of women who are overdressed. For him, simplicity is key.
"My advice to you all would be to believe, to appreciate what life gives you and try to be optimistic and just to be happy" -Valentino Garavani
Did you know Manolo Blahnik used to make shoes for lizards with silver foils and ribbons? Hahaha how adorable
Photo Credit: Darren Gerrish
Photo Credit: Darren Gerrish
Photo credit: Darren Gerrish

Photo credit: Darren Gerrish


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