Monday, 28 April 2014


If I had stared any harder I'm sure I would have moved the flower vase on the table with my mind. The silence was killing me and yet I had nothing to say. Neither did he. 

We sat in silence my eyes drifted from the single rose in the vase to the three miserable fish in the aquarium beside us. I was certain at the end of this date I would know everything about a fish just by observation. 

"I know this Indian restaurant we could go to" he had offered.

I didn't object when he asked me on a date. But I also didn't object to his taste. 

It was a quiet restaurant and by quiet I meant we were the only customers in the restaurant. Which made me panic a little. I usually judged how good a restaurant was by the amount of customers in it. And since we were both trying it out for the first time, it couldn't have been a good sign. 

"I would have the chicken Jalfrezi" I told the waiter. 

"It's spicy, just so you know" he told me kindly.

"I know" I replied as a matter of fact. I was from a land of spicy food, how bad could this one be? 

More silence. An awkward feeling. 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Window View

I sat in my car and watched from a distance. I was on the outside not in. 

They were having dinner, she said something and he laughed. And then he smiled and he stared at her while she stared back.

I didn't have to be in that room to know there was more going on than dinner. 

You could feel the chemistry from a mile away 

But they went back to their meal 

She stared at him from the corner of her eyes and he probably felt it cause he stared back.

Eyes locked in a trance and he moved in to kiss her. At first she didn't move and then like a switch the intensity tripled. I should have looked away but I couldn't.

Friday, 25 April 2014

An Illusion

She smiles the biggest in the room,
Laughs the loudest,
Captures everyone's heart with her beauty
Girls envy her,
They spite her behind her back
Men want her,
They crave her,
Her touch,
Her love,
Her skin

But they don't see
They don't see the sadness her eyes hide
Or the pain masked in her laughter
Or the longing in her touch for a hug
For comfort
They don't see how hurt she is
Or how lonely she is
She couldn't talk about it, if she wanted
"what are you talking about, you're so pretty"

You Better Kiss Me

There are days when I want you to grab me and kiss me
Like your life depended on it

There are days when I want you to kiss me
and grab my ass, don't be afraid

There are days when I just want a kiss
As light as a feather's touch

And there are days when I just want a kiss on my forehead

There are days I want you to grab me by the waist
Pull me close
Look me in the eyes
Then at my lips for a moment and back to my eyes
Before you lean in to kiss me
The anticipation drives me wild

And there are days I want you to kiss me
Till my toes curl

There are days when I want you to kiss me on my cheek
Or my neck
Or on my shoulder
Or the tip of my nose

But right now hunnay,
I just want your damn lips on mine xoxo

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Art of Heel

I was talking with my friend the other day when she was giving us insights on what it felt like transitioning back to the Nigerian lifestyle after spending such a long time abroad. And the one of the ones that struck me the most was not being able to wear heels whenever she felt like. 

She said they stared at you like an alien that you felt so uncomfortable and overdressed. I felt sad thinking about all those beautiful shoes of mine seating idly in their boxes never to come out till Sunday when it's time to go to church. 

But this past week, I've worn heels to two different meetings and I've noticed people staring at me all through, some in admiration, others not so sure. So today when I was heading out to a meeting I took my flats with me to try out an experiment. When I wore my heels I had people turning back to stare at me and giving me the head to toe scan. Construction men were calling out to me and ladies often smiled at me on the train. 

Then I swapped to my flats and no one looked at me twice. Well that's an exaggeration but I didn't get half the attention I got with my heels. Till I switched back and just like that, all eyes on me. And then I realised it didn't matter if I was back in Nigeria or London so long as I had my heels on or anyone did, people would stare. Why?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Parisian Affair

My day started out with a cup of chamomile tea at Cacciari's Bar in South Kensington while waiting for a client. An early morning meeting typa day. I half heartedly dragged myself out of bed, got dressed and wore my heels. Did a mini experiment but that's another blog post.

From there I headed to Hummingbird Bakery to get me a red velvet cupcake for breakfast. Ok, so maybe I got more than one, I'm allowed. And then it was off to Harrods.

And straight to Laduree for a taste of Paris with their colourful selections of macaroons and luxurious sweet treats. I remember my trip last year to Paris, I had a macaroon obsession cause of how colourful and tempting they looked. Every day we went out I bought a set of macaroons, even though they were too sweet for me. I ended up giving them out as gifts to my friends. Visiting the Laduree branch in Harrods brought back all those memories and now I think I want to go to Paris.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sunday Blues

So there I was clad in my cobalt full midi skirt, DVF stiletto heels, clutching onto my bag and praying to God I wouldn't slip on the floor with every step I took. Yup. It was raining as usual. London greeted me with it's heavenly showers of blessings. And in an attempt to make my morning appointment and get to church on time, I picked up the wrong umbrella; a faulty one. So halfway through Baker Street I dumped the useless thing in a trash. I looked good and I knew it. Heads turned to admire me and I loved it. An elderly lady complimented my necklace and then my attitude cause I was beaming. I heard cat calls, I saw eyes dart to my shoes and people occasionally giving me the head to toe scan before meeting my eyes with a look of approval. My joy radiated from within cause of the day. It was Easter and I was celebrating the death and resurrection of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Meeting done. Off to church. Another hassle. It's really pouring now and I have no umbrella. I'm thanking my stars for waterproof mascara cause heaven only knows how terrible I would look if I didn't have one on. The admiration has doubled; those admiring my confidence for wearing heels in such a dreadful weather and those thinking "oh poor girl, she's wearing heels in this awful weather". I carry on anyways, not like I have a choice. I didn't pack an extra pair of flats to change into. Cringe.  Must channel Carrie Bradshaw. After all, she's my fictional 'shero'.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Meet Coco

Has anyone here seen the chanel perfume phone cases? Well I saw one with my friend and I knew I had to have it. So I went on Etsy and ordered me one. Finally arrived after waiting for so long. It didn't take that long but I was so anxious to get my hands on them that I tracked my order every day just to see where it was (lol). I know, shameful.

Well, everyone loves my phone case and I love it too. So much so, that I've decided to name my phone, Coco. Not original, I know (that's your business). It's not only fashionable but quite a good protection for your phone, I've been dropping mine like mad these past days. And it comes with a detachable gold chain, soo adorbs. Plus there's a black too.

So here are the first pictures of Coco, many more to come :) :)

Friday, 11 April 2014

Sibling Confessions

In the spirit of National Siblings Day, I'm writing out a few mischief my siblings and I got into.

I once pushed Jana down the stairs. Today she's my best friend

Mirna once zipped me in the small size 'ghana must go', it felt like death

Anytime Jana wore any of my clothes, I wouldn't say anything until we were out in public (LMAO)

Happy Sibling's Day

Me: You are not allowed to have your wedding if I'm not there
Jana: We'll send you a video

Mirna: (wakes me up at 6am) how do I look?
I grudgingly open my eyes to see she's wearing an awful combination of green, yellow, brown and peach (something horrendous)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

3:38 am

Nothing but pure silence.
It's time like this I appreciate horns blaring,
My noisy Indian flatmates
Cars driving in and out of campus
The feisty nesting geese
Not even the voices in my head are talking
It's time like this I appreciate what would normally irritate me
Even answering questions
At least that would mean having company around

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Royalty- The Palace of Versailles

I loved visiting the Palace of Versailles, there was something so rich and luxurious about it and it had nothing to do with the all the gold plated bars. The Garden tour was my favourite bit, with the water fountains and classical music playing everywhere in the garden. It felt serene and it was the last place you wanted to get missing in or walk away when you're upset. It was a maze.

Interesting fact: As beautitful as the Queen's Chamber is, she had to give birth in front of everyone (with a number of nobles present). Yikes. The reason for this is so they don't swap the child for another in case it was the wrong sex, disabled or whatever. The French people don't appreciate being lied to lol.

Let's Be Kids Again- DisneyLand

Just as promised. Sharing all the pictures from Paris last year. Little confession: So you know how I'm a little six year old trapped in the body of a 20 something year old (if you didn't know, now you know), I cried a little when Mickey Mouse kissed my cheek. Yes, I'm aware that it's just a little man in a suit.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Paris is always a good idea 2

In my moment of procrastination, I'm reading old blog posts and I just saw the terrible job I did on my Paris trip last year in April. If I was grading my posts, it would get a D. How can you go to Paris and not share the pictures. So tomorrow, when it's time to procrastinate (and I'm sure there'll be such a time), I would re-do that post. I may not have taken really good pictures then but it's worth a share. At least, let me procrastinate :(

Grown Woman

When I was younger, I thought everything on the left signified evil, bad etc. Why? Well because they always talked of the right this and that. And so I came to that conclusion all by myself.

As I result, I maltreated the left side of my body. Don't ask
I never used my left hand to do anything
When creaming my body, I would cream the right side first and with love, might I add. While the left side got no love (LOL)
I wouldn't walk on the left side or sit on the left side
When I was eating anything in rows, I would eat the right side first.

I know I was a young naive foolish child. Ps I am going nowhere with this post, maybe I should have warned you before you started reading. And I was listening to Grown Woman by Beyonce, that's what prompted this post.

I'm a grown woman, now I know 'left' doesn't signify negative, evil or bad *flicks hair and struts away*