Wednesday, 9 April 2014

3:38 am

Nothing but pure silence.
It's time like this I appreciate horns blaring,
My noisy Indian flatmates
Cars driving in and out of campus
The feisty nesting geese
Not even the voices in my head are talking
It's time like this I appreciate what would normally irritate me
Even answering questions
At least that would mean having company around

You never realise how loud day to day activities are
Till you try to do those same activities at 2am
The world is a loud place
but funny enough, it's quiet where I am
I've surfed every social network
Of course the normal people are sleeping now
So I'm just here talking to myself
I'm beginning to feel crazy
Oh my gosh
What if I'm the only one left behind in the world
Where is everyone?
I just want to curl up in foetal position
To be alone in this world?
That's a scary ass thought
Remind me to hug and kiss the first person I see tomorrow
At least that would be a reminder that I'm not alone

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