Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Parisian Affair

My day started out with a cup of chamomile tea at Cacciari's Bar in South Kensington while waiting for a client. An early morning meeting typa day. I half heartedly dragged myself out of bed, got dressed and wore my heels. Did a mini experiment but that's another blog post.

From there I headed to Hummingbird Bakery to get me a red velvet cupcake for breakfast. Ok, so maybe I got more than one, I'm allowed. And then it was off to Harrods.

And straight to Laduree for a taste of Paris with their colourful selections of macaroons and luxurious sweet treats. I remember my trip last year to Paris, I had a macaroon obsession cause of how colourful and tempting they looked. Every day we went out I bought a set of macaroons, even though they were too sweet for me. I ended up giving them out as gifts to my friends. Visiting the Laduree branch in Harrods brought back all those memories and now I think I want to go to Paris.

Back to Laduree, it's the best way to end a shopping spree or have tea with a couple of girlfriends and chit chat about nonsense. The atmosphere was very relaxing and chic and the staff were really friendly. At some point I thought I was a clown cause they kept laughing and ducking when I tried to take photos of them. I think they are camera shy. Oh and the chandeliers, you know me and my chandelier obsession, I fell in love with the environment immediately. It gave the impression of a clean and homely atmosphere to work in. And the manager (who is French by the way! Loved the way he said my name) was very interested in my blog and was kind enough to strike a pose for me.

Just outside Harrods is the terrace for Laduree, the perfect environment to grab a quick lunch at or satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. All in all, it was a lovely day and London was kind enough to not rain today. Enjoy the pictures while I enjoy my macaroons :P

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