An Illusion

She smiles the biggest in the room,
Laughs the loudest,
Captures everyone's heart with her beauty
Girls envy her,
They spite her behind her back
Men want her,
They crave her,
Her touch,
Her love,
Her skin

But they don't see
They don't see the sadness her eyes hide
Or the pain masked in her laughter
Or the longing in her touch for a hug
For comfort
They don't see how hurt she is
Or how lonely she is
She couldn't talk about it, if she wanted
"what are you talking about, you're so pretty"

They saw only but her beauty
But beauty was only skin deep
She was drowning in her emotions
But everyone was too stuck admiring her facade
To see her hurt
Indeed, pretty hurts

She left a trail of broken hearts outside
While she sobbed herself to sleep every night
Cold and dark as the night
Numb on the inside,
But when the sun rose the next morning
She wiped her tears,
Fixed her make up
And put on her mask for the world to see


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