Monday, 7 April 2014

Grown Woman

When I was younger, I thought everything on the left signified evil, bad etc. Why? Well because they always talked of the right this and that. And so I came to that conclusion all by myself.

As I result, I maltreated the left side of my body. Don't ask
I never used my left hand to do anything
When creaming my body, I would cream the right side first and with love, might I add. While the left side got no love (LOL)
I wouldn't walk on the left side or sit on the left side
When I was eating anything in rows, I would eat the right side first.

I know I was a young naive foolish child. Ps I am going nowhere with this post, maybe I should have warned you before you started reading. And I was listening to Grown Woman by Beyonce, that's what prompted this post.

I'm a grown woman, now I know 'left' doesn't signify negative, evil or bad *flicks hair and struts away*

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  1. LMAO you've always been a fool, I knew it