Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Royalty- The Palace of Versailles

I loved visiting the Palace of Versailles, there was something so rich and luxurious about it and it had nothing to do with the all the gold plated bars. The Garden tour was my favourite bit, with the water fountains and classical music playing everywhere in the garden. It felt serene and it was the last place you wanted to get missing in or walk away when you're upset. It was a maze.

Interesting fact: As beautitful as the Queen's Chamber is, she had to give birth in front of everyone (with a number of nobles present). Yikes. The reason for this is so they don't swap the child for another in case it was the wrong sex, disabled or whatever. The French people don't appreciate being lied to lol.

Yes, I know I took a lot of pictures of the Chandeliers but they were soo beautiful. I couldn't get enough of them :P.

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