Sibling Confessions

In the spirit of National Siblings Day, I'm writing out a few mischief my siblings and I got into.

I once pushed Jana down the stairs. Today she's my best friend

Mirna once zipped me in the small size 'ghana must go', it felt like death

Anytime Jana wore any of my clothes, I wouldn't say anything until we were out in public (LMAO)

Kaliba once dropped me in the deep freezer for disturbing him for zobo while he was playing a game. He kept telling me zobo was finished but I was being persistent, so out of frustration, he carried me and dropped me in the freezer and told me "when you find the zobo, tell me". So mean

If you thought that was mean, once my parents left me with Kaliba and came back to find me in a skin cut. Yup. All my hair gone.

During my teenage years, I was such a female dog to Hussy and Hassy. I always made them frog jump. They were just 3/4

I always pinched Hussy/Hassy/Jemima when my parents weren't looking -_-

Once, Jana convinced me to wear the top of our winnie the pooh teddy. For some reason, putting it on wasn't a struggle but taking it off showed me pepper. And my aunts kept threatening that they had to cut off my head to remove it.

My mum put me in charge of teaching Hussy and Hassy how to write. Now, I'm not the most patient person and it was worse growing up. So I did their writing assignments myself, using my left hand. Now their handwriting is rubbish and it's all my fault *wahhhhhhh*

One day, Jana and I were sliding down the stairs railing of a building. One of the tenants warned us not to continue. When she went back in, we carried on. We went all the way to the top, on the third floor we heard a door opening and panicked, so I jumped from the third floor down and landed on my hand. Jana now saw mugu and decided to jump and land on me so she won't hit the floor. I ended up with a broken hand :(

Mirna, Jana and I had the cutest mime to Brenda Fassie's 'wedding day' with three of our other male cousins. And I've promised myself that we are going to perform that song on our wedding days.

I could go on and on about our sibling rivalry and mischief but I'm going to stop here. I hope my kids have a more dramatic childhood and have stories to tell. 


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