Sunday Blues

So there I was clad in my cobalt full midi skirt, DVF stiletto heels, clutching onto my bag and praying to God I wouldn't slip on the floor with every step I took. Yup. It was raining as usual. London greeted me with it's heavenly showers of blessings. And in an attempt to make my morning appointment and get to church on time, I picked up the wrong umbrella; a faulty one. So halfway through Baker Street I dumped the useless thing in a trash. I looked good and I knew it. Heads turned to admire me and I loved it. An elderly lady complimented my necklace and then my attitude cause I was beaming. I heard cat calls, I saw eyes dart to my shoes and people occasionally giving me the head to toe scan before meeting my eyes with a look of approval. My joy radiated from within cause of the day. It was Easter and I was celebrating the death and resurrection of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Meeting done. Off to church. Another hassle. It's really pouring now and I have no umbrella. I'm thanking my stars for waterproof mascara cause heaven only knows how terrible I would look if I didn't have one on. The admiration has doubled; those admiring my confidence for wearing heels in such a dreadful weather and those thinking "oh poor girl, she's wearing heels in this awful weather". I carry on anyways, not like I have a choice. I didn't pack an extra pair of flats to change into. Cringe.  Must channel Carrie Bradshaw. After all, she's my fictional 'shero'.

There's a queue outside church so contrary to my consolatory thoughts, I wouldn't be running into shelter, rather I would be standing outside in the pouring rain for about an additional twenty minutes. A part of me wants to turn back and head home, catch the sermon on podcast. But my church, Hillsong always has a wonderful presentation for Easter. And a huge part of me is thinking,

"Oi, if Jesus could be nailed to the cross and humiliated for me, surely I can get drenched in the rain for him too"

Needless to say, the sermon was beautiful and touching as always. I was basking in His mercy and love from head to toe. I even shed a tear. Then came the munchies battle. My church family and I decided to get lunch. Now there's 8 girls and 2 guys and every girl is clad in heels. So there we are hobbling in our stilettos with the heavens showering its blessings on us, hopping from one restaurant to the other. We finally get to an almost empty wagamama on holborn and fill our tummies with food and our souls with laughter. We had hearty conversations on almost everything and eventually the girls ganged up on Chinedu. Poor boy. After that we marched on to Sway bar where we met up with more church family members. Cheek kisses, warm hugs and contacts exchange away and we hit the road to depart to our individual homes. It was indeed a beautiful day that couldn't have been better spent despite the gloomy skies. Like the song goes, "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day...", only it's not a girl who put the sunshine in my life but God. I'm glad I made the trip back to London instead of locking myself up in my room studying. Hope you all felt the love this weekend.


  1. Enjoyed reading the article, came here from Facebook, friends with vivi... Well written, clever, articulate... Refreshing... Hope you continue to write more x

    1. Hi Viorun, thank you very much. Glad you liked it, hope you stick around xx


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