Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Art of Heel

I was talking with my friend the other day when she was giving us insights on what it felt like transitioning back to the Nigerian lifestyle after spending such a long time abroad. And the one of the ones that struck me the most was not being able to wear heels whenever she felt like. 

She said they stared at you like an alien that you felt so uncomfortable and overdressed. I felt sad thinking about all those beautiful shoes of mine seating idly in their boxes never to come out till Sunday when it's time to go to church. 

But this past week, I've worn heels to two different meetings and I've noticed people staring at me all through, some in admiration, others not so sure. So today when I was heading out to a meeting I took my flats with me to try out an experiment. When I wore my heels I had people turning back to stare at me and giving me the head to toe scan. Construction men were calling out to me and ladies often smiled at me on the train. 

Then I swapped to my flats and no one looked at me twice. Well that's an exaggeration but I didn't get half the attention I got with my heels. Till I switched back and just like that, all eyes on me. And then I realised it didn't matter if I was back in Nigeria or London so long as I had my heels on or anyone did, people would stare. Why?

Wearing heels is an art. It doesn't matter if you have boyfriend jeans on or cuffed joggers, it accentuated your physique. Kitten heel, stilettos, platform, whatever form of heels you have on, once you strap those bad boys on you automatically change. Your confidence goes through the roof, your outfit goes from casual to oh mama!  From plain Jane to Naomi Campbell. And because not every girl can walk in heels it commands respect and attention. So if people are staring rudely, don't take it the wrong way, just remind yourself that perhaps they are envious of how long you can strut around in heels. 

I love my heels but I've struggled with the additional height and attention it gives me sometimes. However to scratch that, I've decided that every week I'm going to set aside a day to wear heels regardless of where I'm going. And Sundays don't count. This way I'll get used to the attention and love my long legs and perhaps it would boost my confidence and make me stop wishing I was two inches shorter. I'm 5'8 by the way. And I hope I stick with it even when I go home to Nigeria and people keep staring rudely. Plus I have waaay too many beautiful shoes that shouldn't be confined to a shoe box :p

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