Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Window View

I sat in my car and watched from a distance. I was on the outside not in. 

They were having dinner, she said something and he laughed. And then he smiled and he stared at her while she stared back.

I didn't have to be in that room to know there was more going on than dinner. 

You could feel the chemistry from a mile away 

But they went back to their meal 

She stared at him from the corner of her eyes and he probably felt it cause he stared back.

Eyes locked in a trance and he moved in to kiss her. At first she didn't move and then like a switch the intensity tripled. I should have looked away but I couldn't.

And so I watched him make love to her on the table. The table that would supposedly hold dinner tomorrow evening again, at which some poor guest would dine oblivious to yesterday's events. 

He wasn't my man. And I wasn't his side chick. I didn't know him. Neither did I know her. And they both didn't know me. It had started as a hobby, people watching. But one day I got so interested in this man talking on his phone and laughing. I knew he wasn't talking to another man from the way he laughed. He got in his car and drove to what would later turn out to be their house and I followed him. I knew it was wrong but they looked so happy and it grew into a pattern. And then I got so obsessed with them. They were happy and my life was gloomy. So every evening right about the time he got back from work, I would drive down and just watch. Sometimes I was lucky enough to catch them in places with the curtain blinds open. And other times, it was left to my imagination. 

I lived my life through their lens, sometimes imagining that I was the woman whom he loved so much and went back to every night. I imagined what being that loved and happy felt like. And I would stay watching for hours from the comfort of my car parked across the street, just numbing out my emotions. 

They were inside and I was out. No getting in. No ray of sunlight for me. While they probably took a bath or just cuddled in front of television, I had no one to go back to. 

I started my car engine and slowly drove away. As I drove away, I wondered what she would cook tomorrow...

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