234, Bring them home

Tonight I get to go to bed in my own bed, in my room. My mother is sound asleep because she knows where I am. My dad doesn't have to stay up all night worrying because he knows I'm safe. 

Unfortunately that's not something a lot of parents in the North Eastern region of Nigeria can afford. Not just the parents of the missing girls but the parents of other young girls. The growing fear that each time she goes out, she may not return. That she could just disappear. The paranoia grips your heart and drives you crazy. Is that the way to live? I can't begin to think of how disrupted everyday life must be in those areas.

And those mothers. The baby you carried in your stomach for nine months, that you've loved and cared about every day of your life. The one whose wedding you've dreamed of countless times. The one whose life you've made many sacrifices for just to see her happy. To one day have her snatched away from you. How cruel is this world? And how incompetent is our government?

Where is our president? And where is the First Lady? What is she doing to see this issue resolved? Isn't she a mother too? What are our elected government officials doing to make us feel secure in our own homes? What is ECOWAS as a body doing to ensure border security? Is anyone in that government even educated on border security? Where is our police force? Where are our funds going to if we still don't have the equipments to tackle insurgency? Or the training for the police to effectively do their jobs? But most importantly where is the commitment to serve the people? I thought a democracy was of the people, by the people and for the people? Rigged elections or not, you're not in that office to fatten yourselves and your bank accounts. Bring home our girls. Please. My home is being torn apart. The north east is my home. Nigeria is my home. Don't let it get destroyed. Do something :(

Everyday I pray for these girls and their families and I'm waiting for the day when that prayer would be thanksgiving cause these girls are back home with their families. And I pray that day is tomorrow ❤️


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