Thursday, 1 May 2014

Burned by the Fire

Why does loving you hurt me so much?
I love you, it hurts
I loved you, you hurt me
I tried to love you as a friend and it hurt
I tried to stay away and it hurt
So I came back and it still hurts
Sometimes I feel like you forget just how much power you have
The power to hurt me
I let you in
I let myself go with you
I've been nothing but vulnerable with you
Naked in its purest form
I feel so fragile when it comes to you
And you don't even know it

You hurt me with the things you say
With the way you make me feel
And then you wonder why I'm so mad at you
I'm mad at you cause you can't see it
I don't care if someone else says it
Or does it to me
But when it's you
It hurts a hundred times more
I wish I could be set free from your hurt
But I know even if I go
I'll be back to you
Like a moth to a flame
Burned a hundred times

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