Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hometel: Domus Mariae Palazzo Carpegna

I loved the hotel we stayed in, it was cosy and lovely with a friendly staff and 'enchanted' gardens round it. I took a couple of pictures of the place.

When In Rome

A bunch of really random and 'touristy' pictures from my trip to Rome

Ciao Roma

Rome was a beautiful holiday. Lovely weather and even lovelier people. Always friendly, nice and flirty on the men's part. Oh gosh, the men, I would definitely miss their flirty ways. We actually had two stalkers that creeped us out, kept following us around till we had to make a run for it. Hahaha, other than that, it was sight seeing, gelatos and a rose snatching incident.

Rome Wasn't Built In a Day

Hello... Photos from Roma. There was a lot of construction going on in Rome during my holiday which gave me an idea to do this photoset/blog post. Unfortunately, the Trevi Fountain was one of them so I didn't get to throw a coin and make a wish.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Roman Holiday

The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page...

The words of Saint Augustine, attack me not. About to read another page as I'm off to Rome with a darling friend. Funny enough I do not have an itinerary, just going to explore Rome and be spontaneous. Any ideas on what to do when in Rome?

Can't wait to share pictures and experiences from my trip. Arrivederci darlings

Saturday, 21 June 2014

I'm Zealous of My Pain

My Pre-order of Letters to the Men I Have Loved by Mirtha Michelle finally came in the post. I've been looking forward to this book ever since I read her poem, There, I Still Will Be. I fell in love with her instantaneously. Rarely do I ever connect with an author but from the first page of her book it feels like I'm reading out of my diary. It's amazing, knowing that someone else gets it. You know when you read something and it just gets you, every word, every detail. That's how I feel about this book so far. It's actually inspired me to start writing my memoirs, not sure when I'll share or if i'll share but there's a poem from the book I want to share. Unfortunately pre-orders are no longer available but the book would be available on other platforms from June 30th. It's worth a read.

There are a lot of things I wish I could share from the book but that would defeat the whole purpose if I gave everything away. Sometime last year I went through something and somehow the pain felt liberating. And then I read this poem and it felt like it was written right out of my experience.

I like pain.
No I'm not a masochist.
I like pain, because it's necessary for growth.
I've gotten to know parts of me,
I didn't know existed.
I have felt things that only my tears know.
With those tears I have liberated myself,
From hurt, shame and fears.
I have become a real woman through pain.
So yes,
I need pain.
About the same way I need love.
My soul has become more beautiful through pain.
I'm zealous of my pain.
Simple and straight to the point. What was it John Green wrote about pain again?
"That's the thing about pain... it demands to be felt"

Speaking of J.G, have you gone to see The Fault in our Stars? Any thoughts? I've read the book but I'm yet to see it in motion picture.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Vogue Talent Contest

Hello beautiful people,
Sometime last month was Graduate Fashion Week and a very dear friend of mine showcased her final collection. Her name is Kanyinsola Onalaja and she went to one of the very best fashion schools in the country; Instituto Marangoni. I would really appreciate it if you all checked out her collection and voted for her in the 2014 Vogue Talent Award. She had the best colletion that day, no nepotism. Maybe cause she had my favourite colour on display :p

Here's the link to vote for her!vote/1172-kanyinsola-onalaja. I appreciate it and do tell others. Who knows, I might be able to score you tickets to her shows in Fashion Week in the future, hehe.

Hot Mess

There's a reason why the above quote exists. A reason like today when I bumped into an ex wearing joggers with an old tee, no make up and my hair messy. I was running errands anyways, who wanted to dress up for that but guess the horror when I bumped into him. Obviously my looks were the last thing on my mind till he uttered the forbidable phrase, "you look good". From our six minute conversation all the way to my walk back home, his words kept replaying in my head. I know, he probably said other important stuff but that's all I heard

Is the compliment actually a genuine comment or something we've been programmed to say after running into someone for months? Because when I looked into the mirror when I got home the only thing I wanted to do was run back to him and ask "really?!"

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Real Friends or Social Friends?

There are so many things and so many ways social media has contributed to our world, it's broken down barriers, it's made long distance relationships possible and helped us socialise more. And it has destroyed almost everything and life as we know it.

No one talks anymore because they are too busy on the phone. You see someone in trouble, first instinct is to take a picture, tweet it or instagram it. We don't even pray over food first, we take a picture. No one checks up on anyone all we do is retweet, snapchat, like, repost and comment. That is what relationships have been reduced to. I know this, because I'm guilty.

Over 7 billion people in the world and sometimes you wonder just why you're feeling lonely. How about looking down at that device you're holding and realising why. As modern as I like to think I am, there are soo many things I am traditional about. One of them is friendship. I can have a thousand friends on instagram and facebook, and a thousand followers on twitter but what use are those figures to me if no one is there for me in my hour of need? There's only so much a phone relationship can do, it can't wipe my tears, it can't hug me, it can't go to the movies with me, I can't have a heart to heart to with it. There are times when the last thing I want to do is tap buttons on my phone, those times I just want to be with a friend in reality.

Then you start thinking, who could I even go to right now with the way I'm feeling and then you realise you probably have no one. What happened to the thousand friends? Here's what happened. You forgot to be real friends, you got soo comfortable being social media friends that you forgot what makes up real friendship. The more you clicked links and tapped away at your phone, the more your friendships deteriorated.

Sometimes I ask myself is it even worth it being on all these social networks, if it means losing touch with reality and quality relationships that are not made up of constant instagram feeds and my twitter timeline. I know life gets in the way as you grow up and being social friends seems easier but certain things just shouldn't be compromised on. Of all the things we've lost in the name of modernization, good friendship just shouldn't be one of them. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Carnivale Presents Summer Cookout

Premium Events and Public Relations Company CARNIVALE presents its second instalment of The Cookout this August in Abuja, Nigeria. 

The event will feature its novelty All You Can Eat Buffet, an open grill, a tasteful selection of mocktails, music, milkshakes & cotton candy and games suitable for families and people of all ages. 

Cookout Summer aims to bring the concept of "tradition" back to Abuja by organising this event on a quarterly basis and bring people together to not just celebrate good food and friends but recognise and appreciate the efforts of upcoming businesses in the Capital City. 

This instalment of the Cookout concept will further establish Abuja as a viable commercial hub as well as a place bubbling with fun and fresh ideas while maintaining traditional, basic, family values. 

The event will feature special guests and surprise performers who will give the attendants wide media coverage something to watch and the crowd, everything to remember. 

The official date for the event will be released by July and other details following. Cookout Summer is supported by the Play Entertainment Network.

Stay tuned for more information on the Summer Cookout. Tell a friend to tell a friend, come one, come all

Sunday, 15 June 2014


You know when you're just tired?
Not even sick and tired, just plain ol' tired of someone's bullshit.
Exhausted is the word that actually captures the intensity of the feeling better.
When you're mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted of someone's same ol' bullshit all the time?
When there's nothing else the person could do to even get you worked up on anymore cause they done did it all.
ALL, I mean everything you could possibly think of
Nothing they do gets you worked up anymore,
Nothing about their action surprises you anymore
So you just sit there and you have no more reactions in your body or capacity to feel anything
No motivation to even be bothered with whatever the hell they do, cause really you're just exhausted of everything?
That's the beginning stage of not caring any more
And when I don't care about you, you might as well be dead. 

Pieces of me

Everytime I try to move on,
You pull me back in
And like gravity I fall right back to you
Then you hurt me
And I'm left with nothing but
Pieces of me

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Where were you when I needed you? 
Where were you when our daughter died 
While still in my belly
Where were you as I watched her pass in blood clots?
In a flash the world that I had known 
Left my body as you slipped away
A life that never was
The face that I would never get to kiss
Or the little hands that I would never get to hold
Or the hair that I wouldn't ever get to braid

Where were you when the pain gripped my whole body
And left me breathless
As I clutched my stomach
And cried out for you
You were in a meeting when I needed you the most
You said you had to be there
But we needed you here
She didn't even get to say goodbye to you
But then again neither did I 

Where were you when my insides felt so hollow?
So empty yet filled with broken dreams and aspirations?
Where were you when I needed you the most?
You said you had to go build a building 
But my world was crumbling 
And it was mine you needed to build...