Carnivale Presents Summer Cookout

Premium Events and Public Relations Company CARNIVALE presents its second instalment of The Cookout this August in Abuja, Nigeria. 

The event will feature its novelty All You Can Eat Buffet, an open grill, a tasteful selection of mocktails, music, milkshakes & cotton candy and games suitable for families and people of all ages. 

Cookout Summer aims to bring the concept of "tradition" back to Abuja by organising this event on a quarterly basis and bring people together to not just celebrate good food and friends but recognise and appreciate the efforts of upcoming businesses in the Capital City. 

This instalment of the Cookout concept will further establish Abuja as a viable commercial hub as well as a place bubbling with fun and fresh ideas while maintaining traditional, basic, family values. 

The event will feature special guests and surprise performers who will give the attendants wide media coverage something to watch and the crowd, everything to remember. 

The official date for the event will be released by July and other details following. Cookout Summer is supported by the Play Entertainment Network.

Stay tuned for more information on the Summer Cookout. Tell a friend to tell a friend, come one, come all


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