Hot Mess

There's a reason why the above quote exists. A reason like today when I bumped into an ex wearing joggers with an old tee, no make up and my hair messy. I was running errands anyways, who wanted to dress up for that but guess the horror when I bumped into him. Obviously my looks were the last thing on my mind till he uttered the forbidable phrase, "you look good". From our six minute conversation all the way to my walk back home, his words kept replaying in my head. I know, he probably said other important stuff but that's all I heard

Is the compliment actually a genuine comment or something we've been programmed to say after running into someone for months? Because when I looked into the mirror when I got home the only thing I wanted to do was run back to him and ask "really?!"


  1. I had a bit of a mishap in front of an ex today as well. fortunately i was dressed up but unfortunately i tripped and fell down in an epic manner in front of him. There's nothing more to say really, except he was a gentleman and helped me up. I wasn't all that embarrassed but I just feel I should maybe avoid him for 6 months or a year #okbye

    1. Hahahahaha OMG I think we are twins. Sorry about the mishap, I would probably do the same too just till I don't cringe whenever I think of it.


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