Sad Eyes

I had never seen such sad eyes in all of my life
She looked so sad and hopeless
And her eyes were also swollen
I could tell she had been crying
And she sat there
Such a pretty girl with sad eyes 
And I kept wondering if I should go over and talk to her
Or hug her
But she was gone before I could make a decision
I wonder now if anyone spoke to her
Or made her smile that day
It was heartbreaking to think that she would go to bed without having been comforted
But that's London for you
Not just the weather is cold
The people too


  1. So weird reading this from a blog, ive been in that situation quite a couple of times now and its so sad and awkward as you wrote.. Few of them were in the train station. It breaks the heart quite frankly and you feel helpless!

    1. Yeah it is very awkward. Seen a couple on the tube as well, it's the fear of being shut down that stops us from trying. But next time I will give it a shot and if i'm shot down then it was worth a try.


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