The Drug That Is Love

Why do we stupid unreasonable and selfish things in the name of love?
Fool ourselves trying to change someone, or keep coming back to that same person when we know they aren't any good for us.
Look the other way,
compromise on the big things,
try too hard and even break all the rules when we know better...

Because love is a drug, it is a stupid addictive drug that you can't get enough of. You get hooked and you just keep doing stupid over and over again. It's a pain that you can't get enough not because you're a sadist or masochist but because love has that effect on you. You try to get sober and it strings you back in. A cute smile, flirty eyes, a sugar coated tongue and you're right back where you started. It intoxicates your mind, clouds your judgement and shuts your brain.

All the songs out there about being drunk in love or love being addictive, it's not because they don't have anything else to sing about. No they string a bunch of words together and add it to a nice little beat, probably as a warning or a reminder to let you know what you're getting in to but we don't listen.

We bop our heads to the beat, mouth the words and walk right into the trap, hooked again because no amount of sobriety could save you.

Once you're hooked on love, you're a dead man walking. 


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