Breast Cancer GiveAway

Hello lovelies,
As I announced on Instagram, I would be teaming up with my beautiful friend, Rukaiyah, CEO of Flaunt and Flair to give away a pink silk scarf from her Retro Collection to two lucky winners. In honour of the Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) campaign, Scarlett's Diary is proud and excited to announce its first official blog giveaway and the beginning of many more to come.

Just last month I lost one of my favourite aunts to Breast Cancer , she was a pleasant lady with a bubbly personality who always made me laugh. I never saw her with a frown on her face. And because she was an immigration officer, we never had trouble in the airport but sadly she lost her battle to breast cancer, may her soul rest in peace. So maybe like me, you've lost a loved one to breast cancer or know someone currently battling it out with the ailment, join me and a million other people trying to raise awareness for breast cancer.

To stand a chance of winning the luxe scarf you need to enter into a writing competition, either a short story or poem about a survivor's story, the loss of someone to breast cancer or how you feel about it. So let your imaginations run wild as you think of what to write on this topic. Also, the write ups of the winners would be published on the blog with their permission.

So the terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. Two winners would each get a scarf from Flaunt & Flair.
  2. Anyone is allowed to enter, irrespective of age, sex, race or sexual orientation. Cancer knows no discrimination, so do I. 
  3. Entry into the competition ends 4th October and the winners would be announced on the 14th of October.
  4. A team of impartial judges would be set up to decide the winners based on fair judgement. Please do not attack us or hate us if you're not selected as a winner. There will be more give aways in the future. 
  5. Unfortunately, this giveaway is geographically limited as I can't do international delivery. I would appreciate if all entering this competition reside in Nigeria or have a way to claim their prize in Abuja.
  6. You may enter only once into the competition, so do make sure you're certain about your entry please.
  7. The maximum word count for all entries should be 500 words but there is no minimum word count and all entries should be emailed to with 'Breast Cancer Awareness Competition' as the Subject please.
  8. Winners would be announced on Instagram and notified by email as well.


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