Bye Bye London*

As my chapter in London comes to an end, I find myself singing "why do all good things come to an end?' in a bout of mixed feelings. I'm done with university, both undergrad and postgrad and I'm going to be moving home to get a head start on my career starting with the one year NYSC programme (which I'm dreading a little, but let's not focus on the negative).

I've had a beautiful time in London, I've grown so much, learnt a lot about myself and the world and I've met soo many beautiful people that I've come to cherish in life. However this post is an ode to the great city that is London. London has been a second home since I was 8, but the London you see while being dragged from one store to the other with your mother is different from the one you explore as an adult. So here are the top 10 things I'm going to miss about this beautiful city. 

  1. I'm going to miss people watching, whether on West End, the tube or at the park. London is home to some quirky, unique individuals. I'm going to miss seeing people with a great freedom of expression.
  2. I'm going to miss 'Barclays riding' at 2am round West End with my friends. You can't try that in Abuja :(
  3. I am really going to miss my church, Hillsong. I grew so much closer to God worshipping in this church, they became family and it really felt like home.
  4. I'm going to miss the variety of cuisines I can eat from, even though I'm a picky person. I still like the idea of having options, LOL
  5. I'm going to miss walking round West End on a sunday afternoon, it became a mini tradition for me. Most especially on New Bond Street *wails*
  6. I recently discovered Caravan Square in King's Cross and it became a safe haven for me with the coloured lighting and fountain. It's both romantic and serene. 
  7. I'm going to miss going for West End Musicals, the production, the talent, the euphoric feeling, it's all so grand. I really hope we can one day have properly produced musicals in Nigeria too.
  8. Easy access to EVERYTHING! I mean everything, wi-fi, shops, food, fashion shows, transport. The lifestyle! I'm going to miss it so damn much.
  9. COFFEE SHOPS!!! Starbucks and Costa! I'm going to miss being able to go into a coffee shop to order a drink and read a book with no one judging me or trying to hit on me. 
  10. Hopping on a train to Paris! What's that? I mean just walking to King's Cross and getting to Paris in 2 and a half hours? Dang! I'm going to miss the ease of travelling from London, I don't even want to think about the stressful process of travelling from Abuja. This is the biggest thing I'll miss about London.
So there we have it. Ten great things about London I'm really going to miss me, however, I plan on making the best on my move back home. After all it is home, how bad can it be transitioning and getting the hangs of it?

*this is a late post. I've moved back home and well it's been.... (A story for another day)


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