Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Facts About Me

I was tagged on instagram to do the '20 Facts about me' challenge which I dreaded at first but as soon as I got into it, I felt like going overboard. That's what this post is for, to bore you with facts about me but don't worry I won't write more than 30 LOL.

1. Bondi is actually my real name and it means 'Admire her'
2. I have the memory span of a gold fish and a highly selective memory. Worst part is, I don't get to choose what I want to remember. 
3. I'm a writer at heart. I've kept a journal for as long as I can remember. 
4. I can't drive with shoes on 😳 
5. My toe nails are almost always painted different shades of red. Picked that from my mum.

6. I have two sets of parents. I will always confuse you with asokoro mummy and garki mummy. It's not that complicated I swear 😂
7. I love travelling, you've probably figured that out by now
8. I'm a little claustrophobic. I need my space and fresh air
9. I'm not a morning person. Seriously. I'm trying these days though 
10. I HATE reptiles. God and I need to discuss when I get to heaven 
11. I have way too many goals I want to achieve and can only pray for the focus to do them
12. I'm friendly and nice but I don't open up to people that easily
13. I think I have trust issues. I might end up working in the CIA/NIA. I do background checks. Lol don't be scared
14. I can't eat cold food
15. I love perfumes! My favourite compliment is always "you smell good" 😊
16. My family called me (still do) B flakes as a child growing up, cause I was obsessed with cereal. Please don't call me that 
17. I love pictures but not really being in front of the camera. 
18. I don't like chocolates and I'm a picky eater 🙈
19. When I'm upset, I like to clean. 
20. I am alexithymic, which means I have difficulty expressing my feelings verbally. I express myself better in words. Blame the diary keeping.
21. I don't like standing or walking under sign boards, I'm paranoid they will fall and crush me :/
22. I am competitive and a sore loser x_x
23. No 22 also makes me a bit of a perfectionist in my own way
24. I'm not a clubbing person, it's never been my scene
25. I have two moods- really excited or really low. Sadly there is no in between :(
26. I HATE chipped nail polish (fingers). It's a pet peeve. Takes a lot to not pull out someone's nails when I see it.
27. I've always wanted to slow dance with a boy, guess I'll have to wait till my wedding *rme*
28. I'm an old soul and traditional when it comes to certain thing. I don't care what century I belong in, certain things shouldn't have to change.
29. If we meet at first and I appear quiet and reserved, DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!!! I will open up eventually and you will regret it LMAO
30. All I am and all I'll ever hope to be is thanks to God almighty and His wonderful love for me!

You should all do this. I wish I could extend this to 100 because I am really enjoying it but I think I lost most of you halfway through, hahaha

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