Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Why Don't Churches Talk About Sex

Why is sex such a hard topic to talk about religion wise? There are countless topics on money, doing good, love and trusting God. But hardly ever do preachers talk about sex, which to me is the biggest challenge Christian youths face. And not just Christians. 

I'm a youth. I'm a Christian. And I'm celibate. Is it easy? No. It's about the hardest thing ever. I've slipped. I've made mistakes. But no one talks about sex. It's like this forbidden topic everyone tiptoes about. Why? Why aren't churches doing more to engage youth in sex talks. Everyone expects you to abstain from sex and be pure till marriage but it's a topic everyone skirts around. As a result, a lot of youth walk around without a space to share how they feel. I appreciate the sermonns held in church but I feel it speaks more to the older generation than it does to youth. Yes, I've learnt a lot about titheing, trusting God in difficult situations, faith, love etc but I would also love to be reminded about sexual immorality and how to stay pure. I would love to be encouraged in church about abstinence and dating.

When the 'S' word comes up, people shift in their chairs, parents look the other way and church leaders purse their lips. How does this help youths? However, when one church member slips up, you should hear all they have to say in the name of condemnation, yet you did not do anything to help them stay on the right path. I feel I want to start a group when I move home where fellow Christians or religious people like me can share our struggles and help each other stay celibate. I love God and I want to abstain from sex, but I am at the peak of sexual awareness and it's difficult. I'm not the only one who goes through this struggle so let the church be a place where we can share our struggle and strengthen our faith. Because believe me there isn't another sermon on titheing that would help me with this struggle.

So let's talk about sex and not pretend it doesn't exist because it's the biggest elephant in the room as far as I'm concerned. And surely I'm not the only one who feels this way right? Found this quote from a Pastor's wife,

"Church is full of sin because we are all too scared to open up and admit our failings. And so often when others do, we judge them. Shame on us. Shame on us for creating an environment where no one feels comfortable enough to be open"
                                 -Claire Musters


  1. omg! you couldn't have said it any better, i would love to work with you to start up the group you talked about when you get back, anyway there are actually grouped online that let you talk about that, i found the pinky promise to be very helpful and reading heather love corneluis blog has really helped when i say help i mean it gives me hope that i can make it, doesn't make the struggle less but makes it real.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. We should definitely discuss that and I'll check out the group and the author. Thanks xx