Thursday, 4 September 2014

Not a Romeo and Juliet Story

We held hands as we drifted between people and blocks in the west end. We talked fondly of the future, the future we knew we didn't have. 

I don't know if it was talking about the future or the fact that I slightly believed the possibility but it made me sad to think that it wouldn't be. We talked of a home on park lane overlooking the square garden. We picked out a car from the Bentley store and argued over having a pet or children. I wanted a cat, he wanted a snake. We settled on having kids to keep me busy. It was all dreamy and beautiful but fiction. 

Ours was a doomed story right from the start. And though we fought it and adamantly chose to ignore it, deep down we both knew that there was little our love for each other could do. You see, where we come from honour and family meant more than a naive concept of love. So this isn't a Romeo and Juliet kind of story. We can't defy our family to be together. 

But I promise you, in that very moment I would have risked it all to be with this man. To be an alien in another country as long as I could be his. Because in that moment I fell deeper in love with him and I think he did too. I love him more than I should. A fatal love story because it's doomed from the start but neither one of us has the guts to admit that or walk away....

"Our kind of love, it was once in a lifetime
  It couldn't last, it was doomed from the first time..."

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