Saturday, 4 October 2014

Pink October: Breast Cancer Awareness

It's a new month and a special month as well, it's pink october for breast cancer awareness. I'd really appreciate it if you all got involved in the campaign, not just through the blog's give away but by supporting local and international charities, raising funds and doing whatever we can to support the cause.

Personally, I've taken it upon myself to find every pink article of clothing I own and would wear as many as possible all month lol. I will be painting my toe nails pink all month and perhaps my finger nails too (which is huge for me since I rarely paint my finger nails colours). Ooh and I shall make the boyfriend wear pink or better yet the father LOL.

Silliness aside, there are a million ways to get involved like

  • Organise a pink themed tea party for Breast Cancer
  • Donate to a Breast Cancer charity
  • Run/Walk/Jog for a charity
  • Organise a visit to a breast cancer survivor/soldier
  • Host an event to raise money for charity
  • Wear it pink in whatever way, pin or clothes.
  • Pray for those affected by not just breast cancer but other types of cancer too
  • Also pray for the doctors who treat these patients and all others involved in Cancer research
These are the ideas I could come with. Ladies you're advised to do a lump check, i'll be sharing a post on checking for early signs of breast cancer soon but there's a lot of information on the Internet . And breast cancer doesn't affect women only, that's a misleading conclusion, so men don't just fold your arms and look the other way thinking it doesn't concern you because it does too. Whether or not you're affected, it could be your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife. If you love the boobies and that's an undisputed fact, come out and support the cause! And please spare us the sexist jokes of how you want to help us check our breasts, this isn't a joke. You don't see us offering to check your balls for testicular cancer...

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