Wednesday, 29 October 2014


It broke my heart to see my mum cry and I was at a loss for what to do. Worse, for someone who had her way with words, I had nothing to say. Do I hug her or do I give her her privacy? After all she had wiped her eyes so fast when I walked in the room, I felt she was trying to hide how hurt she was. 

Three dead people in one day...


The word alone stung my heart. Although inevitable, one could never fully be prepared for the shock and vulnerability it brought with it. To be here this one second and gone. 
Two lost to Boko Haram and one lost to a car accident, all in the name of furthering their education. Was it then a curse to want to be better in life that you lose your life in the process? 

I had avoided feeling anything towards death but even I had to admit at the third news that day that I felt more vulnerable. Too scared to close my eye for fear that someone else may go or I myself would be gone... 

Here one second, gone the next

As I replay the day's events in bed, I'm reminded of my mortality like a rude awakening. Not that I never knew of the possibility but to be reminded again that tomorrow was never certain and should live a life holy and acceptable. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Red Flags in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city, it's just picture perfect and developing at a fast and alarming rate. Everyone loves the idea of Dubai, the wealth, the monumental architecture, the Arab lifestyle etc, it also happens to be the Las Vegas of the Arab world but really not all is as it seems.

On three separate occasions I happen to be on the receiving end of racism although that didn't shock me because it wasn't intense discrimination. Two times with taxis who refused to pick me up but picked the caucasian lady to me and the other who was downright rude. The second time it happened, I was with my sister and she was so shocked, she kept asking why I wasn't bothered by it. Well it wasn't the first time but also I know the world is full of illiterates who don't know better. I refuse to be angry at people who hate my skin colour, I can only pray that they educate themselves and see we are no different from each other. 

Dinner at Rose Rayhaan

My last night in Dubai was an experience of fine dining and even finer company. My sister, Jana, my friend Amama and I went out to Roses Rayhaan by Rotana for dinner at the Petals Restaurant. The selection of food was divine, the service was exceptional and the staff were really friendly. I loved the barbeque chicken the most and the strawberry cake was to die for. 

I hope you get the chance to dine there someday or be a guest at the hotel cause it was really lovely. Sad to see this holiday come to an end but my nation is calling me to serve her and I must answer. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Dubai: Iphonography

Beautiful pictures I took of the city with my iphone. I'm pretty proud of them so keep the hateful comments to yourself.

The Book Club

If you know me then you know I love reading. The highlight of my trip so far has been adding to my library. I got a couple of amaing books from Konokuniya with my sister and friend the other day.

My favourite so far has been "Desperate in Dubai", I've been trying to lay my hands on this book since three of my friends said and I quote, "It's so you". It's so funny what my friends relate my identity to, leopard print, red, big cats and now a book. Haha, can't wait to give an update and if you've read it feel free to come discuss it with me. It could be our own little 'book club'.

The other is a series about the truth of the lives of Arab women, those of royal descent to be specific. If you've ever been intrigued as I have about what goes on beneath/under the veil then you should get the books and be informed.

The last is by my role model, Maya Angelou. I'm trying to own my personal copies of all her autobiographies and collection of her poetry and short stories. Do you have any other recommendation I should add to my library?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dolphins, Sand Dunes and Belly Dancer

The title summarises my perfect day. At first it looked like our safari tour was going to clash with my long lasting dream of swimming with dolphins, so I had to cancel since I was the only one who wanted to swim with dolphins. However, because I have unmerited favor from God, I was lucky to get an earlier appointment and I finally crossed swimming with dolphins off my bucket list. This has been a perfect trip so far.

Swimming with the dolphins was both exciting and terrifying at the same time, terrifying because of the resemblance of the dorsal fin of the dolphin to that of a shark and exciting because it's something I've always wanted to do and been dreaming of for years. And though it almost seemed like it wouldn't work out today, it did.

Headed out later with my sister, mum and her friends/colleagues to the Desert Safari with the most humorous and friendly tour guide and driver. I got to climb a camel, ride the quad bike, get a henna tattoo and be entertained by belly dancers. And now I'm currently writing this blog post while watching the beautiful fire works going on outside from my hotel room. Not sure what the fireworks are for but I feel so elated. Here are my pictures from the day, how was yours?