Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Blog Competition: Entry Two by Ellen

As a young girl growing up, I watched my body transform, I lost my ability to run around without a shirt, to swim with just my pant because for some reason the two black dots on my chest had somewhat started to swell. One day in primary school my teacher asked to see my mum when she came to pick me up, and her reason was to tell her I needed to start wearing a bra, I was appalled at the idea of having to wear a bra at such a young age….

Fast forward a few years later when I was in secondary school, we started realizing that the boys we liked preferred the girls with bigger boobs, so we turned our socks into support and fillers, we followed weird advices to try to increase the size, we wore push up bras, we wore low cut tops, we dreamed of bikini bodies, we strut around in our swim suits, we searched for the ones that allowed a little bit more cleavage, those who had it flaunted it, those who didn’t have enough created ways to make it better.

But I never dreamed I will live category A to whole new category C those who didn’t have at all.
We live in a world that judges you by how you look, some people see you and go “oh I thought she was a boy till I saw her chest” I lost what stamped me as a woman physically.

Every woman dreams of breastfeeding, even when I knew that when a mother is weaning, their boobs hurt really bad, I still longed for that pain some day, I still hoped that someday I would put my nipples in the mouth of my child and watch him suck to satisfaction and sleep off on my chest, I dreamt of baby friendly (6 months of just breast milk) I dreamt of matching bras and pants for the Mister one day, the sexy lingerie and the chest for it.

I woke up one day to deal with the fact that dreams where gone, my self esteem destroyed, my life at risk of the cancer spreading to other parts of my body and the fear that even if I do have daughters I would expose them to the risk of being like me.

People think breast cancer is the easiest of all cancers to deal with, I mean they think its just a breast or two being taken out but it’s the worst to deal with, you have to continually live with the scar of the cancer, that it did not just grow inside you, it took away a part of you with it.

Breast cancer is real and early detection can save you, your life, dreams and fantasies.

People are struggling with this, lend a hand, lend a voice, lend yourself and help spread awareness and help for victims of breast cancer.

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