Dolphins, Sand Dunes and Belly Dancer

The title summarises my perfect day. At first it looked like our safari tour was going to clash with my long lasting dream of swimming with dolphins, so I had to cancel since I was the only one who wanted to swim with dolphins. However, because I have unmerited favor from God, I was lucky to get an earlier appointment and I finally crossed swimming with dolphins off my bucket list. This has been a perfect trip so far.

Swimming with the dolphins was both exciting and terrifying at the same time, terrifying because of the resemblance of the dorsal fin of the dolphin to that of a shark and exciting because it's something I've always wanted to do and been dreaming of for years. And though it almost seemed like it wouldn't work out today, it did.

Headed out later with my sister, mum and her friends/colleagues to the Desert Safari with the most humorous and friendly tour guide and driver. I got to climb a camel, ride the quad bike, get a henna tattoo and be entertained by belly dancers. And now I'm currently writing this blog post while watching the beautiful fire works going on outside from my hotel room. Not sure what the fireworks are for but I feel so elated. Here are my pictures from the day, how was yours?


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