Wednesday, 29 October 2014


It broke my heart to see my mum cry and I was at a loss for what to do. Worse, for someone who had her way with words, I had nothing to say. Do I hug her or do I give her her privacy? After all she had wiped her eyes so fast when I walked in the room, I felt she was trying to hide how hurt she was. 

Three dead people in one day...


The word alone stung my heart. Although inevitable, one could never fully be prepared for the shock and vulnerability it brought with it. To be here this one second and gone. 
Two lost to Boko Haram and one lost to a car accident, all in the name of furthering their education. Was it then a curse to want to be better in life that you lose your life in the process? 

I had avoided feeling anything towards death but even I had to admit at the third news that day that I felt more vulnerable. Too scared to close my eye for fear that someone else may go or I myself would be gone... 

Here one second, gone the next

As I replay the day's events in bed, I'm reminded of my mortality like a rude awakening. Not that I never knew of the possibility but to be reminded again that tomorrow was never certain and should live a life holy and acceptable. 

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