Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Planes and Pink Ribbon

Bags packed and I'm off to Dubai. Lovely timing as well as NYSC camps starts when I get back LMAO. Anyways can't wait to take lovely pictures and share my experience with you all. So far day one has been spent in bed although I binged out on Baskin 'n' Robins earlier with the sister. I hope I don't add weight.

As promised, I would be publishing the two winning entries of the blog give away. The winners have been notified and I hope you like the write ups as much as I did. Hope you've all been participating in one way or the other on Breast Cancer Awareness.

I was out last week with my friends to walk in Abuja as part of raising awareness for cervical and breast cancer. It was a lovely experience, we fooled around and it was caught on TV. I've had people calling my mum to tell her they saw me on TV. I can only imagine what part of our silliness was caught on tape. Oh dear...

Well I'll leave you be my darlings. Till I put up pictures and posts about Dubai. Have a lovely read and a wonderful week. Don't forget to join the global campaign and don't just stop in October. I wear my pink ribbon everyday. 

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