Red Flags in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city, it's just picture perfect and developing at a fast and alarming rate. Everyone loves the idea of Dubai, the wealth, the monumental architecture, the Arab lifestyle etc, it also happens to be the Las Vegas of the Arab world but really not all is as it seems.

On three separate occasions I happen to be on the receiving end of racism although that didn't shock me because it wasn't intense discrimination. Two times with taxis who refused to pick me up but picked the caucasian lady to me and the other who was downright rude. The second time it happened, I was with my sister and she was so shocked, she kept asking why I wasn't bothered by it. Well it wasn't the first time but also I know the world is full of illiterates who don't know better. I refuse to be angry at people who hate my skin colour, I can only pray that they educate themselves and see we are no different from each other. 


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