The Book Club

If you know me then you know I love reading. The highlight of my trip so far has been adding to my library. I got a couple of amaing books from Konokuniya with my sister and friend the other day.

My favourite so far has been "Desperate in Dubai", I've been trying to lay my hands on this book since three of my friends said and I quote, "It's so you". It's so funny what my friends relate my identity to, leopard print, red, big cats and now a book. Haha, can't wait to give an update and if you've read it feel free to come discuss it with me. It could be our own little 'book club'.

The other is a series about the truth of the lives of Arab women, those of royal descent to be specific. If you've ever been intrigued as I have about what goes on beneath/under the veil then you should get the books and be informed.

The last is by my role model, Maya Angelou. I'm trying to own my personal copies of all her autobiographies and collection of her poetry and short stories. Do you have any other recommendation I should add to my library?


  1. omg! omg! omg! I've read four of these and girl they're page-turners!! I couldn't get my hand on desperate in dubai, so I had to resort to the kindle version. I used to read ameera's blog (before she turned it into a book) so I was eager to see how the story ended!! As for the jean sasson series, it's an emotional roller coaster!! I can't wait to see what you think of the books...P.S: We seem to have the same tastes it's surreal!!

    1. Gurll! You are my soul mate. Haha we need to hang out and find out how much more we have in common.
      I'm almost done with the princess series, I'm sharing with my sister so I haven't been able to finish book 3 and 4. But I read the first two in two days. That's how good it was


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