Camp Diary: Day 10

Quite an uneventful day. Still part of the March past and I'm not happy about that. Oh I noticed tan lines on my body, which means I'm definitely darker now *yikes*. 

I take back my comment about the uneventful day. Yoruba association next door are fighting. Someone claims her gold was stolen. They complain about stolen goods everyday, are they the only ones they are stealing from? My head is paining me sef 

After trying to escape the Yoruba women and their shouting, I ran into an annoying "toaster". I escorted my friend to buy something at mami water when someone tapped me on my back. I turned  
Man: hello can I talk to you for one minute
Me: okay 
Man: please it's personal 
Me: so you want my friend to go away
Man: no I just want to talk to you in private even for just a minute

I take three steps from my friend so she's still around me 
Me: ok you have one minute 
Man: I saw you when you passed and you captivated me. I stood for a while trying to decide what to say to you before I approached you. And I'll like to get to know you better 
Me: ok before you carry on I'm engaged 
Man: wow, wow, wow (pauses for a minute) but can I still be your friend
Me: no I'm sorry I can't do that. I'm going to be a married woman soon, you have no business being friends with a married woman
Man: you're already cutting me off without giving me a chance. I've never been this captivated before. I'll cut off when you get married

At this stage, I'm getting irritated fast. 
Me: I'm sorry but I'm really not interested. I'm engaged and I respect my boyfriend enough to not misbehave even though we are miles apart. Put yourself in his shoes, can't you respect that?

My guy still continued pleading and making his case so I asked him why he wanted to be friends and he said i captivated him. As if that's reason enough. I asked what about me captivated him and he was hesitating so I asked if it was my beauty and my body and he said yes. So I retorted that it was a very shallow reason to want to be friends with me and I could easily be a witch or mami water. Before I said good night and walked away. 

Sigh. If I recorded every conversation I've had with some of these male corpers, I think I'll be able to write a book 


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