Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Camp Diary: Day 11

I've been quiet for 10 days but I feel like ranting today. I'm appalled and worried at the behaviour of many of the women here. I don't understand why a dormitory full of women should be this filthy. We are women for crying out loud! I believe the least age here should be 21/22, are they trying to tell me in their twenty something years of living, they haven't picked up a thing or two on hygiene? Or that they weren't trained at home on personal hygiene?

Why in the world would you do number two around the hostel? Just this morning, some girls were sent out to go pack the shit. Later they announced that if the culprit didn't come out we would all go and pack it ourselves. We then decided to contribute N10 each to pay the man who cleans the toilet to do it and some girls were fighting about ordinary N10. Honestly, rich or poor what will N10 do to you? Would you rather we all get punished for something we didn't do or just pay for a professional to clean it. If they do go through with that punishment, I swear I would walk out of this camp and forget about my certificate. God forbid! Pack another persons faeces. The person could have atleast "shot put" it. How disgusting. 

Also how can someone use the toilet without flushing it? Do you not realise that continuously washing and bathing in front of the hostels would turn it into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and God only knows what else? 8 more days, I really cannot wait to be back home and in the comfort and cleanliness of my own home.

I'm worried that these are people who would become wives and mothers in the future. Are they telling me they are only saving the cleanliness for their own homes or they weren't trained properly? O ma se oh. It is well with my soul. Thankfully, I've stocked up on antibiotics. I won't be a victim to anyone's disease breeding ass. 

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