Camp Diary: Day 13

Today I saw a pretty young girl selling pure water on her head without her shoes on. It made me so sad that I didn't realise when a tear dropped. Camp is filled with many kids below the age of 14 as young as 6, selling bathing water, drinking water, fruits and hustling in any way they can. And most of them hustle without shoes and it bothers me even though they are very used to it. Even the little babies of the women trading in mami market, hobble around without shoes on so its something they are used to from a tender age. 

Observing them has made me realise more just how privileged I am. And not just them but being in this camp and observing a lot of things. All I have is not because I'm entitled to it but because I was privileged to have been born on the other side. And there's a part of me that wishes a lot of the people I know could see this. So they'll know there's more to life than Chanel bags and Gucci belts. So that the next time they were "unfortunate" to not cop the latest luxury good, they wouldn't pout but re prioritise. And so that this false idea of "competition" that exists within certain circle of privileges friends would stop. Yes, the friends who secretly try to outdo each other, sizing each other's worth just so they appear to be richer or what not. It's juvenile and it actually happens. But there's more to life than that. There are kids on wannune surviving on the amount of jerricans of water they sell or by engaging in menial jobs like carrying boxes for some of the Corpers just so they can survive. Question is, what can we do to reduce the poverty level in Benue state? 


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