Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Camp Diary: Day 17

One day to go. I just realised that I miscounted the days but who cares. Today was pretty chilled. Because the variety night ran late last night, we were allowed to sleep in. Thank God. 

I overheard a girl bragging to another girl of how she does her business at the back of the hostels. I was at a loss for a reaction. How mannerless. Something we were almost punished for. She's just glad camp is over. I hope she learns proper hygiene. And the other friend didn't even chastise her. Smh. 

It's a day to go and I must say, I'm a bit disappointed at the camp experience. Everyone kept saying 'camp is fun, you'll enjoy it' but honestly there's been nothing that fun about camp. I never went out for the social events in the night but I never heard good reports either. The two nights I went out were nothing to write home about. I only realised this when a friend asked me if truly camp was a good experience. Although I said yes he still questioned what exactly was fun. He said the only good thing about camp were the times we got to sleep or go to mami. Lol well.... I guess I have to admit there was nothing spectacular about camp then. 

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