Friday, 7 November 2014

Camp Diary: Day 2

I barely slept last night. There was a crying baby opposite my.... Ok that's number one. I didn't even have a room. I was sleeping on the corridors, sigh. And what was that awful smell haunting the corridors. I knew this was it... This was as bad as it could get right? 

Back to the crying baby. A part of me wanted to go carry the baby and bounce him around, another part of me wanted to go scream at the camp officials for not exempting the poor mother. Is this any place for a toddler with the germ infested environment. Ugh, and we wonder why our infant mortality rate is up? The ignorance.

So my bed... There's almost no difference between my body and the spring. Well who cares right? I have a bed to sleep on but I was so conscious of my surrounding that I woke up at 2:57 and waited to go shower. Little did I know what was waiting for me in the normal bathroom since I didn't go to the "special bathroom", which you paid to use. At least that was cleaner. Truth is, I was terrified to walk there alone, especially since it was dark, close to the soldiers quarters and three I could have sworn I saw a snake hole when I was walking there last night. Maybe it was my paranoia. And I didn't want to call the soldier helping me since I didn't want to put myself in any risky position. 

Therefore, I had to resort to showering outside with a million other girls. I have seen more naked bodies than some of you men would ever see in your lifetime. I have different body shapes etched in my memory now, not that I was looking. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have a bucket talk more of water, since I hadn't planned on staying. However I had packed my things for camp. You know what they say, hope for the best prepare for the worst. Just that, I had forgotten to pack a bucket while preparing for the worst. But there was this kind angel, I am convinced she's an angel because I'm yet to find her on campus again. She offered me a bucket filled with water. Although our meeting makes me question divine visitations as she was asking me where she could do "her business" outside. Yikes... 
I made a mental note to be weary of where I stepped around the hostel. 

On going to the parade ground, we were there from 4 till 8, doing God knows what. Soldiers shouting orders in the cold while we half grudgingly complied. A slim girl started talking to me, at first I was grateful for the company then my body remembered it was not a morning person and got tired of replying her. No that's not it, she wouldn't stop talking nor would she stop trying to read the messages I was replying from last night which I just found rude. Plus she kept touching me inappropriately even when I moved away. I'm not here to spend 14 years in jail, I had already done 14 hours in a hell hole....


  1. lol awww sorry bondi, am from benue and have a house there, if you need to go rest or something and can get out of camp let me knw so my brother can pick you up or something, though you would be in abj

    1. Awwww thank you so much for the kind offer dear. I really appreciate the thought, I'm now back to Abuja though xxx