Friday, 14 November 2014

Camp diary: Day 3

Remember how I said I saw a hole I suspected to be a snake's? Well it was officially confirmed at the parade ground today that there are reptiles on the compound. 
Somebody get me out of here!!!!!!! Seriously. I hate snakes, can't stand them and to think that they could be lurking around ...😩

Today, soldier man slapped three small boys in front of me. I've never been more appalled in my life. I had a soldier uncle growing up that I was never fond of because of his violent outbursts. Although hate is a strong word I disliked his brashness and I automatically put soldiers into a category. Sadly. I know we should abstain from stereotypes but he did nothing to change my mind. 

In the few seconds of that slap and my mouth hanging low, my attitude towards him switched from friendly to irritated. How could I see him as a guardian if he slapped civilians as he liked. Because those boys did nothing, they just didn't run when he called them. But what was the use of running if they were just five steps away?

Hanging out in the cool evening where I usually charge my phone, I've learnt some really disturbing facts about some cultures in my country. It hurts my ears to hear of this young teacher's struggle with his students. Most of the females who are just in ss2 are married women with kids. Many of which are below the standard expectation for a senior student as they are taught in the native language. However the one that shocks me is the other man's experience in Calabar. This is a place known for its sexual notoriety, I mean we've all heard "Ekaette" and watched nollywood movies but I didn't expect to hear this other side. Young girls getting pregnant because it's an abomination to be single. And how married women go around sleeping with other men with the permission of their husbands. As long as they don't impregnate them. How horrifying. He goes on to give me an example of this girl sleeping with a corper, who didn't even know his name. So when she go pregnant and gave birth to a boy, she named him "corper". Is this really how our country should be? At this point, I'm glad my eyes are being open to some of the things that go on outside abuja and "elitist" circles. Why should schools be teaching in their native language? Why isn't basic education free to secondary level by now? The level of illiteracy in this country is damaging our human development and it shouldn't be allowed to go further. Right there and then, I said a prayer to God to show me ways in which I can use my privilege to help others and there are so many of us out there that can do so much for the unopportuned ones, if we just chose to leave our comfort zone. 

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