Friday, 14 November 2014

Camp Diary: Day 5

Today is a Sunday, I slept in till 7 and woke up happy. Yes, I finally got eight hours sleep. Although it was a free day, my platoon was in charge of kitchen activities. I have now discovered that I have a promising career as a mama put *LMAO* 

So while serving lunch, my platoon leader (who is one of those oversabis we had in secondary school who never grew up) called me "honey" and referred to me as his wife. I didn't realise when my attitude switched up from friendly to bitchy. I'm nice but don't take advantage of that. I don't even talk to him, I had only one conversation with him and I'm pretty sure he would have never looked at me twice had he not found out I was an international student from my record... Tsk 

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