Camp Diary: Day 6

My skin is reacting already to this place. I noticed some irritations and I've been breaking out on my face *sigh*. My first allowee is going to spent at Priscilla's Pride's spa as soon as I get home. I'll need a full body exfoliation peel... Yep

Oh I've cut off Soldier man, blocked his number although I ran into him at mami market. I think he thinks I'm his wife because nothing else can explain this needy behaviour 

We did our obstacle and assault course and I'm still here, alive and not paralysed or worse dead. Praise be to God. Only thing is I broke my left big toe nail in half. Kinda hurts. 
You won't believe what happened in my platoon today. Because our commandant is nice some people took advantage and didn't show up. As a result he was upset and had us punished by another commandant who had us frog- March (a cross section between matching and frog jumping) and then in our white on white he made us sit on the floor and March with our asses. LOL 


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