Monday, 29 December 2014

10 Things I Plan To Start Doing in 2015

This post was originally meant to be '10 Things I Plan to Stop Doing in 2015' but when I couldn't come up with two things I wanted to stop doing, I had to go the other way. It could either mean my life is boring or I'm successfully free of bad habits and I'd rather go with the second option, hehehe. Anyways this is a twist to New Years' Resolution, so here's my list.

  1. I plan to start visiting the Dentist every quarter. Yes I've avoided the dentist like a plague because I was a regular customer as a child. I hated milk and I'm sure that's what affected my dentition, I had about ten teeth pulled out growing up. Not cool, I tell you.
  2. I plan to exercise more and regularly. I may look fit and slim but that's just God's mercy oh. The day He lifts it off, you will see my true weight with all the food I consume. Anyhoo, exercising isn't for weight maintenance on my part, it's to stay healthy and in good shape. I can't climb stairs without panting, even if it's just four stairs *covers face in shame*
  3. I plan to be more loving with my words. So don't be scared if I shower you in compliments and encouragements. I plan to build people up with my words and not tear them down. Not that I did that in the past *side eye*
  4. I plan to start watching news again. Yes I stopped as I couldn't take all the bad and heartbreaking news anymore. However, if my heart can't take it I shall retrieve back into my cave.
  5. I plan to call my friends more and visit often. That means calling a random friend every week to check up on them (might do more than one but for now let's stick to that number)
  6. I plan to read at least one book a month and learn a new word every week. Self improvement is key. Although I'm already an avid reader, I want to really commit to it. And so, I will start a 'Book Club' on the blog to discuss a book every month, kinda like a review.
  7. I plan to save more and spend wisely. I'll be keeping a financial diary, where unlike before where I purchased every shoe, bag and dress that caught my eye, I'll be more frivolous. It's time to save up for the future. If I want something bad, I'll discipline myself to write it down and save up if I still want it after 2 weeks (that's gonna be hard x_x). I also have a certain amount of money I want to have saved up in my savings account
  8. I plan to take more pictures in 2015 especially time capsules. My camera already has dust piling on it and it's not just the harmattan x_x. Might start a photo diary on the blog but let's see how that goes.
  9. I plan to give more, more of my time, my resources and my love.
  10. Finally, I plan to write more, try my hands at different things. I used to love creative writing and writing short stories, I haven't written that in a while so I'm going to get back on that.
So there you have it, ten realistic goals I've set for myself in 2015. To make sure I stick to them, I have a reminder on my calendar for April 30th, August 31st (my birthday) and December 31st to check my progress. How about you? Set any particular goals, wanna share some?


  1. We have similar goals. Can you believe I've never been to a dentist like ever?!! My friends have been on my case about it a lot! Good luck with keeping this up...Happy New year :) Wishing you Love, happiness and great memories. Cheers to an awesome blogging year ahead!!!

    1. I'm glad we do. Lucky you've never had a reason to visit one. I dread dentists but I'll have to change that since i'll be going on my own as opposed to when i was being forced to as a child. Happy new year darling, I wish you the same and more. Cheers xxx