Don't Be Bored in 2015

While reading different blogs online, came across this post on 52 fun things to in 2015. How amazing, that's a fun activity per week. Although I'm not committing to trying one every week, I would try to do at least half of the activities on this list. Seems like a pretty good way to make sure you don't get stuck in a rut come 2015.

  1. Write a handwritten note and post it to someone you haven't been in touch with in a while.
  2. Make someone a birthday cake or celebration cake.
  3. Volunteer for the day, a local day shelter, home for the elderly or at a soup kitchen for the homeless.
  4. Take a bus or train to town, village or city that you've never visited. Just go to the station and get on the next one that comes in.
  5. Learn meditation, yoga, pilates or something new that you've never tried before.
  6. Make a scrapbook, print out photographs, emails and attach keepsakes.
  7. Go to an outdoor weekend festivals and sleep under the stars.
  8. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  9. Spend a whole day in bed, watching movies, reading books and snuggling with a loved one. 
  10. Look up your family tree and find out what you can learn about your ancestors.
  11. Sign up for a local community class, learn something new and meet other people who live in your area at the same time. 
  12. Forgive someone who has hurt you. And maybe let them know. 
  13. Plant seeds and grow something in a window box or in the garden. If possible start a small vegetable garden.
  14. Compliment a stranger, it will possibly make their day.
  15. Read an old classic. Choose one that has always caught your attention and be patient if you don't get into it immediately. 
  16. Start your own or join a book club.
  17. Go to a museum, the cinema or a restaurant alone. Enjoy your own company.
  18. Bake cookies and share them at work, when visiting friends or give them to a neighbour that might be living on their own. 
  19. Make your own birthday, anniversary, valentine or celebration cards.
  20. Go mountain climbing, hiking or a long forest walk.
  21. Eat lunch outside, pack a picnic in a hamper, sit by the lake, the sea, go to a local park or lay out a blanket in the garden.
  22. Roller skate. Hire or buy a pair and have fun while toning up.
  23. Let someone else order for you in a restaurant. Or cook something you will never normally try. 
  24. Call somebody you haven't spoken to in a while and make plans to visit. 
  25. For a period of time, a week, a month or all year, only shop locally. Purchase free-range, ethical and fair-trade goods, buy from independent retailers, at farmer's markets and give hand crafted creations as presents. 
  26. Invent your own cocktail, purchase your favourite ingredients and try out something new. Adorn it with umbrellas, fancy stirrers and edible glitter. 
  27. Play a board game with friends or family. Scrabble, monopoly or trivial pursuit sadly get forgotten due to technology. They are timeless classics and a great way to spend quality time together. 
  28. Swap the car for a bike for the day. So much more can be absorbed when cycling. 
  29. Attend an open mic night. Great entertainment and can be a perfect way to meet new people too. 
  30. Donate to charity, whether it's clothes you no longer wear, blankets to the local dog shelter or a sack of carrots to donkeys in india.
  31. Make homemade bread. It's very simple and completely delicious. 
  32. Switch off all phones, laptops and technology devices. Find different ways to communicate with those close to us and spend quality time with yourself or with others. 
  33. Have a major clear out. Declutter, if it's not pretty, useful or it hasn't been used in the last 6 months, be ruthless, let it go.
  34. Write out a will, might be morbid to think about it but it will give you great peace of mind. 
  35. Take all old books and magazine to a local waiting room for others to read. Write a note in the front of the book and leave in a public place for others to take on and enjoy and they can do the same when they've finished.
  36. Take you camera with you for a whole day. And capture anything and everything that catches your interest. 
  37. Attend a food or wine tasting festival. Most cities hold these events and they are usually free to attend. 
  38. Hold a mini movie festival at home. Invite your best friends, tell them to bring a movie they love and spend a whole afternoon and evening together curled up chatting, eating and drinking and sharing old favourites. 
  39. Organise a clean up with neighbours. Choose a particular hotspot that has turned into an eyesore and get a few people involved to help out.
  40. Get a few friends together and take a ball to the park. Play soccer, rounders, cricket or basketball and ask everyone to bring something to add to a small picnic afterwards. 
  41. Make your own soup- nothing tastes better. Especially if you add your homemade bread. 
  42. Learn a new language, especially if it's of a country you plan to visit. 
  43. Go for a swim (if you don't already). Or try a brand new water based activity, water/jet skiing, surfing, canoeing, sailing, kayaking. 
  44. Skip! it's free, burns a heap of calories and can be done anywhere.
  45. Take a road trip. 
  46. Camp out- choose a time when the weather is good, take a barbeque set and sleeping bags and a portable radio. Relax with nature and leave technology behind. 
  47. Read the community newsletter. Find out what's going on locally and get involved. 
  48. Try a new look- choose a new hairstyle or try wearing clothes that you like but would normally never wear. 
  49. Write a list of everything you appreciate. Sometimes things can go unnoticed and it's a great way of becoming more aware and then passing on the gratitude. 
  50. Watch a sunset, sunrise or both. Find a spot with a good view and settle down with a friend or loved one and enjoy. 
  51. Write down your life plan. It doesn't have to be specific or even achievable. Just a guide for all the things you would like to do and then you can tick and cross off the ones you want to work towards. 
  52. Take time out to let those around you know they are loved. Call up, write letters, visit and send the message out strong and clear to those that are most important to you. 
*Phew* Typing that almost took it out on me. Wanna make this fun? Write 1-52 on tiny pieces of paper, fold them up, put in a jar and shake it up. Whenever you feel like doing something fun you can pick a number at random and look up what it says then do it. I know some activities are geographically/culturally limited but they can be swapped with alternatives. Just get creative on your own. Looking forward to actually doing some of this... :D


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