Saturday, 13 December 2014

How I Feel About You

That's how I feel
I'm tired of all the fighting and the lying and the pain
I'm tired of walking on eggshells around you
I'm tired of hating you

I'm confused as to how we got here
Confused on if this is really true love
Or if it's an illusion I subconsciously set up
To avoid the truth

I feel lost
I feel lost in this relationship
Like I don't know my place
But worse, I feel lost in the world
Cause I don't know my place in it anymore

I'm worried that I put in so much energy into this
Two years is a long time
And I'm worried that at the end of it
I may not have anything to show for it

I think Bey sums this one pretty well in her song
With the same title
Because I gave you all of me
But you still had to hurt me
And even though I took you back, I wouldn't deny the resentment

A good portion of my life is spent unhappy now
And you seem to be the cause of it
You used to bring so much joy to my life
And now, my heart doesn't even skip a beat when I see you

Because I don't recognise you
You're the perfect stranger to me
You're still the same but you're totally different
I don't recognise me either
Where's the happy Me?
The me who dreamed and had visions for her life?
Now I spend so much time and energy fighting with you
And nursing my wounds
I stare in the mirror but a stranger stares back
What happened to us?

I feel sooo much towards you
The one thing I don't feel towards you is Love
And what good is a relationship if there's no love in it anymore?


  1. Wow bondi, you know, I'd made a list of these same feelings sometime ago. Can't believe how much we share in common!

    1. Haha!! it's getting scary you know... What if we were twins separated at birth? -_-