I Love/Hate This House

I love this house
It holds memories precious to me
People have passed through this house, touched in one way or the other
It has been full with people
And it has been an empty nest at some point
Lives were made here and some lost
These four walls hold a story that can't be rewritten or erased
And as much as I love this house
If given the opportunity,
I would tear it down to its foundation
Brick by brick
I hate this house with the same passion I love it with
I've suffered pain and loss in this house
I've wondered if it was really a home at some point
This very house once led me into my dark depressive years
I got lost and saved in this house
Although I left this house and didn't come back for a long time
I can't deny that it was a bitter sweet feeling returning,
I often pondered how true the saying
"There's no place like home" was
Because the thought of this alone was enough to depress me
Don't get me wrong,
There are memories as deep as the foundation of this house,
beautiful warm memories
But there are also hearts that have been shattered across the walls that hold this house together
My heart is one of them
And so I've found myself in love hate relationship with this house
I love this house
But I hate this house too


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