Sunday, 7 December 2014

When Is It Going To Look Like Christmas?

I love Christmas, admittedly I'm still a six year old on the inside and considering I've spent the past couple of years in London, I've been spoilt with the idea of 'White Christmas'. So you can imagine by disappointment when I finally got out (after being on bed rest this past week) and it doesn't look like Christmas in Abuja. How heartbreaking. Where are the christmas trees and lightenings and joyous attitude? It's just dusty and bleak. What a reality shocker for me.

I'm disappointed that this town looks just the same, not even christmas lights. I mean what do I expect when a whole capital city can't even have common street lights, talk more of christmas lights. How heartbreaking. When I'm in power, I'm going to make a big fuss out of the holidays, just to give people something to be happy about. If not for the adults, then for the kids at least. And please don't come at me with that "maybe it's too soon" excuse. It's never too early for Christmas! However, I do hope they put up decorations by next week.

To console myself, I've decided to decorate the christmas tree tomorrow just to put myself in the christmas mood. Might make a little tradition out of it, sing along to christmas tunes and wear christmas colours all through December. (Although now that I think about it, not sure how many red, green and gold outfits I own) Oh that means no fuzzy embarrassing christmas sweaters this year. NOOOOOO! Someone please buy me a ticket to London :(

If you're feeling like me, I'll suggest stocking up on Christmas movies, watching every Christmas Glee episode and listening to Christmas songs. You can also pull out the Christmas tree like me and decorate away. Let's not kill the Christmas spirit.

Ps. I pray I'm rich enough to make sure my kids always get a white christmas. Since my village has been destroyed by Boko Haram, I might make London my new village :D

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