Song Dedication: I'll Be There

This is a simple appreciation post. I recently started watching 'Mistresses' and you know when you hear a song that you immediately connect to, which prompts you to pull out your phone and shazam it? Well, watching S1E5 I heard 'I will be there' by Odessa and I fell in love immediately.

It's such a simple piece of art depicting raw emotions and true gratitude, I fell in love with every line and it made me think of people I could easily dedicate this song to. People who have in  one way or another really shown up for me. And I'm sure you would because everyone should have someone who makes them feel this way. Someone you can always count on and who can always count on you too.

I don't even have to think this through, off the top of my head I could easily list out ten people or more I would really like to appreciate. People like Janada, Aisha Usman, Amira Idris, Zara Dilli, Keesha, Abubakar Jada, Ahmed Lawal, Zayyad, Jatau, Sally, Zara Dogo, Domi, among others. These are people who have really been there for me especially the past two years, which were really trying for me. And because you were there, if you ever need me, I'll be there. Always.

Hope you like the song xoxo


This is my first post this year so you better feel extra damn special. LoL Love you guys.


  1. Thank you Bondi! This warmed my heart ♥ :)


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